Incredibly fast, real-time file sharing.
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Upload Files For Free, Without Registration We believe sending large files shouldn't be a chore. So we fixed it.
  • Drag & Drop

    Simply drag & drop your file into our uploader & get a shareable URL immediately

  • Unlimited Speeds

    We don't limit upload or download speeds for pro users, it's as fast as your connection

  • Works on the Move

    You can even upload files directly from your mobile or tablet, it works just as well

  • No Registration Required

    Sending files is supposed to be quick, it shouldn't require registration

  • Secure End to End Encryption

    Files are encrypted and transferred over https for peace of mind and security

  • Middle Out Compression

    Using our revolutionary "middle-out" algorithm, we find long-range structure in your files to create the most efficient encoding of data

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Something for Everyone Whether you're just sending photos to a friend, or need to backup your hardrive, we have you covered