How You Can Reach Us

To contact CFile.CC for assistance with technical and billing issues, advertising questions, business enquiries, or general information, use the following:
Technical Support and Billing Issues
File Abuse
To report files that abuses our Terms of Service, please use the "Report file for violation" link on the offending file download page. Alternatively you can email us at support@CFile.CC
Law Enforcement
CFile.CC fully cooperates with Law Enforcement in its pursuit of prosecution for illegal acts. For more information email us at complaints@CFile.CC
Submit a Suggestion
Have suggestions on how we can improve CFile.CC? Please let us know.
Business Development Enquiries
All business development inquiries can be directed to partners@CFile.CC.
Advertising Enquiries
If you would like information on advertising with CFile.CC, contact ads@CFile.CC or visit our advertising page.
Media Enquiries
Would you like to publish an article about CFile.CC? Want to see us at an event or engage us in any other public activity?
Contact our PR team at press@CFile.CC.
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